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Now you can also have online nutritional consultations





Online nutritional consultancy offers effective support, comparable to that found in the office. With advanced technologies you will get personalized support wherever you are. Including an extraordinary novelty: remote body composition analysis without the need for physical presence in the studio.

How an online nutritional consultation works


First nutritional consultation:

The first visit always takes place via call through a dedicated and secure channel for personal privacy and lasts about an hour. The objective is to get to know each other thoroughly, understand and manage the patient's objectives and desires and plan how to achieve them together.

1) Anamnesis: It represents the cornerstone of my nutritional approach. To recommend correct nutritional styles, it is necessary to know the patient's state of health and lifestyle: meal times, type of work, any physical activity practiced. Know the patient's nutritional history: eating habits, who cooks at home, where and with whom meals are consumed, favorite or disliked foods, previous nutritional approaches, any changes in weight in recent years and months.

2) Definition of objectives: The definition of objectives and the appropriate timing to achieve them: planning a path is essential to setting realistic objectives that are easy to pursue and long-lasting. Defining objectives means knowing where we start from, what methods we are going to use and how far away our finish line will be: this will allow us to always be aware of the path we are structuring together.

3) Online body composition analysis: yes, from today it is possible to carry out, thanks to modern and validated computerized techniques, a body composition analysis even online! This brand new technique is based on the extrapolation of a silhouette from a photo (which remains with the patient and not to me, much less to the software manager) and from this silhouette the software obtains diameters and measurements with consequent evaluation of lean and fat mass. You can find more information by clicking here.

4) Delivery of personalized advice: exactly as if you were in the studio, at the end of the visit I will have all the details and information that will allow me to draw up your personalized nutritional plan which will be delivered as soon as it is completed.



Monitoring and controls:

Patients who follow online nutritional consultations do not perceive any difference whatsoever compared to an in-office procedure: whether you are in Florence or Rome or Zurich or Brazil or Australia it will be exactly like being in my office, one meter away from me. We will evaluate together the progress of the nutritional journey and whether the objectives have been achieved. We will evaluate whether or not the nutritional advice needs to be updated and all thanks to the dialogue between us and the body composition analysis carried out regularly using the brand new technique used during the first visit and described here.

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